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Al Safooh Transport & Cleaning Services is well experienced and equipped to handle the removal and disposal of various categories of waste.

  • Liquid Waste Disposal

Over the years, we have established a reputation in the U.A.E for being the premier leader in Liquid waste management and disposal. We are equipped with fleets of tankers to handle the following:

  • Domestic waste or sewage waste from labour camps, hotels and other establishments.
  • Trade Waste from factories, industrial projects and food processing units.
  • Hazardous oily sludge and liquid chemical waste from ships, vessels and manufacturers.

We handle about 7000 metric tonnes of oily waste per year with Dubai Municipality approved vehicles and all services are carried out in adhesion to the guidelines of Dubai Municipality Environment Control Section.

Al Safooh Transport & Cleaning Services currently consists of a fleet of 52 vehicles operating 24 hours a day with support from a fully fledged garage in case of emergencies.
Our employees have undergone meticulous training and are well experienced to answer any queries that our valued customers may have.

Kindly note that the services listed above are offered under strict adhesion to the Dubai Municipality Environment Protection and Safety Section.

  • Solid Waste Disposal
    • Domestic waste
    • Construction waste Disposal

Al Safooh Transport & Cleaning Services is licensed by Dubai Municipality to remove and dispose hazardous and non- hazardous garbage materials and general waste with equipment such as compactors, skip loaders, hook- lift trucks, trolleys and bins.

  • Dewatering
    • Septic Tanks
    • Disposal of trade waste ( non- hazardous liquid)
    • Disposal of hazardous liquid
  • Supply of Water
    • Sweet water
    • Distilled water
    • Salt water
    • Treated sewage water for irrigation purposes
  • Tank Cleaning
    • Septic tanks
    • Irrigation tanks
    • Lifting stations
    • Sewer lines & blockage removals
    • Grease traps
  • Water Tank Cleaning
    • Cleaning of water storage tanks in hotels and residences.
    • Rental of portable toilets for events
    • Industrial Cleaning